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The Justice Minister announced on social media that the government will submit further, child protection-related legislative proposals to the National Assembly in the autumn. ’Hungary will have the strictest child
Fidesz MP and Interior Ministry State Secretary Bence Rétvári has announced that a new amendment proposal had been submitted to the Child Protection Act to parliament, with the goal of
The Hungarian Child Protection Act faces continuous criticism from both the domestic and the European left. Meanwhile, the left has been hard at work normalizing the sexualization of children and
‘While, as we can see, more and more Western governments support the over-sexualisation of children with LGTBQ programmes, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga filed a counterclaim with the Court of
‘This scandal is a self-inflicted catastrophe for Fidesz. The prime minister plainly understands this, and is taking concrete steps to reform. Yet the idea that the political and cultural Left
The two major European countries are the 14th and 15th to officially get behind the EU Court proceedings against Hungary for its 2021 law restricting the teaching of gender theory
The Center for Fundamental Rights carried out a survey in the wake of recent scandals involving underage victims. Here’s what they found.
Albeit due to a low turnout the referendum was invalid, the overwhelming majority of those who cast valid votes supported the government’s position.
The successful American talk show host spoke at an event at the Danube Institute. He covered a whole slew of topics, including Trump vs DeSantis in next year’s Republican primary,
While the Court’s decision is a watershed moment for unborn children to have their inherent right to life protected, NGOs like the United Nations still insist a mother is entitled