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Slovakia’s newly elected president, Peter Pellegrini (49), was inaugurated on Saturday, 15 June in Bratislava. This historical moment is not simply a change of guard but, after the 2023 parliamentary
Amid a record high voter turnout, former House Speaker Peter Pellegrini, the sovereigntist candidate, won the Slovak presidential election with more than 1.4 million votes, including those of most ethnic
‘The main criticisms against the four Slovak governments of the past three years were the lack of competence and the imposition of ad hoc solutions. The current government coalition has
The government programme received the support of 34 representatives, while 43 voted against it, 54 abstained, and 5 representatives did not vote of the 136 MPs who were present in
According to Slovakian Hungarian-language website Új Szó’s information, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová officially announced on Sunday afternoon that she would entrust the management of the country to a technocratic government