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Semjén stressed the importance of getting ethnic Hungarian representation in the European Parliament from Romania, and therefore urged everyone to vote for the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania’s
‘In the past year, reasonable and realistic laws and fair regulations were enacted based on the proposals and requests of the Hungarian hunting community,’ the Deputy Prime Minister stated, who, online since last Thursday, provides useful information and digital assistance in administrative tasks for those looking to resettle in Hungary after living abroad.
The government aims to have the closest possible ties with the motherlands of Hungary’s ethnic communities, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said, adding that even when there are disagreements, they
Zsolt Semjén, in front of nearly a thousand people at the István Square inauguration ceremony, spoke about how Petőfi’s worldview, which was built on folk-national values and Hungarian interests, has
The 67-year-old politician passed away after a brief, severe illness. István Pásztor had led the largest Hungarian party in the Southern Hungarian region for over 16 years, from 2007 until
From September onwards, the Rákóczi Association will operate 58 school buses in Transylvania, helping more than 720 ethnic Hungarian children reach school in 48 settlements. The operation of the buses
The third day of Tusványos remained as eventful as the previous one, with many prominent Hungarian government officials taking the opportunity to share their thoughts on stage. What follows is
In response to the ruling of the Veszprém regional court, Fidesz MP Gergely Gulyás and KDNP MP Zsolt Semjén have submitted a legislative amendment proposal to parliament on 13 July
A lot remains unknown about the release by Russia of the Hungarian Ukrainian soldiers, including the role that Metropolitan Hilarion played or what the exact status of the freed