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I believe that we were all created in God’s image, and therefore there is that of God in all of us, including pre-born babies. But one need not be a
It was high time the practice of ‘taking Hungarians for an idiot’ stopped, and the country that has a one-thousand-year-old Christian statehood is given the respect it deserves.
The Commission’s own studies do not justify the profound concerns about corruption and the rule of law in Hungary that the EC tends to cite during the negotiations.
It looks like the Biden government may end up not being able to push its anti-growth tax cartel idea through anyway, beside finding that it is very difficult to coerce
It is not only the architectural heritage of the capital city that the Fidesz government has been eager to preserve, but that of the countryside as well.
Japan lost a great patriot, and the world a great conservative leader in Abe Shinzo.
The Swedish and the Finnish people should be given the opportunity to have a say in as to whether their countries should join a US-led military alliance and give up
‘If you really think climate is a problem, you invest in nuclear power plants. But they don’t want that.’
The European Court of Justice ruled that Hungary failed to respect EU law by “pushing back” people entering the country illegally, but the Hungarian government has defied the ruling.