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Although the legendary Hungarian footballer was born on 1 April 1927, he always celebrated his birthday on 2 April, as he did not like the fact that it happened to
The Hungarian Football National Team can secure a place at the Euro 2024 in Germany as early as tonight if they manage to beat Lithuania, which they are well positioned
Meanwhile, the Hungarian women’s sabre team also won a gold medal of their own at the FIE Fencing World Championships. Hungary tends to overperform in sports compared to its population
Csányi also set out an ambitious goal: he wants to bring the UEFA Champions League final to Budapest, in 2026 at the earliest.
In an era of civilizational clashes, Woke multiculturalism endeavours to create a country of many civilizations, which is to say a country not belonging to any civilization and lacking a
It is important to mention that Europe, more precisely European football culture and Germany in particular, played a key role in the development and the successes of both the Japanese
Schiffer also stressed that FIFA—and rightly so—takes action against homophobic slurs and acts, just as it does not allow players to be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual
The violent persecution of minorities and various disenfranchised groups should be challenged at international fora and on the level of public diplomacy, and not in the football field with embarrassing