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‘The politicization of science is a terrible thing. In the Stalinist period, the ideological pseudo-science of Trofim Lysenko destroyed Soviet genetics research. Lysenko’s fraudulent scientific theories about plant genetics coincided
Balázs Orbán’s book, Hussar Cut: The Hungarian Strategy for Connectivity, was presented at the Danube Institute on Wednesday. At the event, alongside the Hungarian Prime Minister’s political director, American researchers
The brand new edition of our magazine features a piece by Miklós Szánthó, director general of the Center for Fundamental Rights, who wrote about the subversive nature and history of
It would be too much to say that Viktor Orbán has seen the future. But he has indeed seen the dark future that awaits all of us if the globalists,
‘Those who oppose the Woke tide must recognize that the revolution they face is a many-headed hydra, driven and enabled by a multitude of factors beyond the political. Ultimately its
The overarching topic of the day was the changing media landscape in the digital age. However, speakers also tackled the issue of the left-wing bias in mainstream media today.
While the Royal Air Force is busy filling up its ranks with diversity hires, Beijing is happy to employ British ex-pilots to train the next generation of Chinese fighters. As
It seems like reality and common knowledge do not matter when an agenda is being promoted with noble lies.
Despite our every effort, classical liberalism turned out to be a dead end – at least according to several of the greatest political thinkers of our time. Are there alternatives
‘Holiday season’ instead of ‘Christmas’, gay Santa Claus and bearded ‘Virgin Mary’ – what is the liberals’ problem with Christmas?