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The European Swimming League (LEN) has voted Gergő Zalánki the best men’s water polo player of 2023. The Hungarian star has had an impressive year, but he still has a
The Hungarian women’s water polo team secured a 13–11 victory over Greece in the semi-finals of the Doha World Championships on Wednesday, 14 February. They will face the Olympic champion
At the historic 1926 event, the Hungarian men’s water polo team got the gold by beating all other teams in the tournament, while swimmer István Bárány triumphed in the 100-metre
Meanwhile, the Hungarian women’s sabre team also won a gold medal of their own at the FIE Fencing World Championships. Hungary tends to overperform in sports compared to its population
‘It will certainly be a great recognition for Hungary if the global headquarters of FINA relocates to Budapest. The organisation’s leaders have the specific goal of ensuring that at least