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MCC Feszt will be returning to Esztergom for the fourth time this year. The event will feature distinguished speakers tackling world events, such as Minister of EU Affairs János Bóka
The famous Hungarian ice cream and gelato chef, winner of the Gelato Festival 2024, runs the Fazekas cake shop in the 16th district of Budapest. He was placed #2 in
The website of the American cable news channel CNN listed the 18 best metro systems in the world. Among them was Budapest’s historic Metro Line 1, opened in 1896.
Hungary has the most hot springs in the European Union. The municipal government of Szeged is making a unique effort to try to utilize geothermal energy for its district heating
Visitors of the city can attend a months-long series of events celebrating the golden age of the Hungarian Renaissance, including period-authentic exhibitions and culinary programmes, and can also take part
The four-day holiday festival in Hollókő, Hungary will feature traditional Easter festivities such as ‘rattling,’ ‘locsolkodás,’ and egg colouring; as well as professional folk musicians giving live performances. The Old
‘In America, we have so many horrible things happening, you know, with the gender ideologies, the LGBTQ, and the open border, and all these different things. So, when we conservatives
The American Conservative contributor Catesby Leigh wrote a lengthy article in the major American paper The Wall Street Journal, praising the beauty and majesty of the word-famous House of Parliament
Saad noticed that there aren’t any pro-Palestinian demonstrations being held in Hungary, unlike in Western Europe. He queried Balázs Orbán about the matter on the social media platform X.
The German version of the travel blog Weloveholidays has compiled the nine most popular castles in Europe, based on Instagram posts and TripAdvisor reviews, for the 100th anniversary of the