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‘The apocalyptic notion of overpopulation, which is taught in grade schools, instilled in centers of higher education, and pushed by NGOs, has even drawn together conservative politicians with their left
The four-day holiday festival in Hollókő, Hungary will feature traditional Easter festivities such as ‘rattling,’ ‘locsolkodás,’ and egg colouring; as well as professional folk musicians giving live performances. The Old
For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the picturesque shores of Lake Fertő/Neusiedl is an absolute must. The beauty of Lake Fertő and its captivating surroundings has earned it a spot
The Hungarian capital leads the list of World Heritage sites on the European continent, ahead of Lübeck in Germany and the Tower of London.
The Codex Aureus, the oldest medieval manuscript in Romania, located at the Gyulafehérvár branch of the Romanian National Library in the Batthyáneum Library, has been inscribed on the UNESCO Memory
Guaranteeing access to education in their mother tongue to the Hungarian minorities abroad is an important goal of the Hungarian state, to help the preservation of these historical, indigenous communities.
Today, on the Day of Hungarian Science, we not only celebrate the achievements of individual Hungarian scientists, but also the accomplishments of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that was founded