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President Joe Biden issued a declaration marking 31 March as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’. While that day has always been held by some odd people on that date, this year
Two Christian teachers in Escondido, California sued their school district for forcing them to withhold form the parents if their child was identifying as of another gender at school. The
Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told the audience in Esztergom that he had a great relationship with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during his time in public office. The two
The Veszprém Regional Court ruled that a trans woman named Elvira is eligible for early retirement under the government’s ‘Women 40’ programme. Fidesz MP Gabriella Selmeczi and president of the
The Twitter owner and eccentric centibillionaire travelled to Rome to discuss a number of issues with Italy’s recently elected conservative Prime Minister. Only a day earlier, he publicly went after
‘While, as we can see, more and more Western governments support the over-sexualisation of children with LGTBQ programmes, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga filed a counterclaim with the Court of
‘It has long been argued that if a society accepts the proposition of gender identity, or transgender identities, as fully valid for individual identification purposes, then all problems will simply
While ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ by Avalanche Games is expected to be one of the best-selling video games of 2023, some on the left want to sabotage the project because of Harry
The transgender issue shows that the real-world liberal order is a far cry from its claimed neutrality about people’s choices.
According to Firestone, ‘only through women rising up—like the proletariat—and seizing control of their bodies (e.g. the means of sexual reproduction) can the oppression of women finally come to an