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The Hampton, New Hampshire-based gym company was forced to lower its annual financial forecasts, both for revenue and profit, admittedly due to the March 2024 controversy when a biological man
‘Last week in the United States, President Joe Biden released new rules governing Title IX, a part of American civil rights law governing its application to discrimination against women. With
President Joe Biden issued a declaration marking 31 March as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’. While that day has always been held by some odd people on that date, this year
A woman at a Planet Fitness gym in Fairbanks, Alaska took photos of a biological man shaving in the women’s dressing room. The company has a policy which allows customers
In response to the ruling of the Veszprém regional court, Fidesz MP Gergely Gulyás and KDNP MP Zsolt Semjén have submitted a legislative amendment proposal to parliament on 13 July
The Veszprém Regional Court ruled that a trans woman named Elvira is eligible for early retirement under the government’s ‘Women 40’ programme. Fidesz MP Gabriella Selmeczi and president of the
In the coming years, thousands, if not millions, will fall prey to the misguided promise that surgeries, hormones, and drugs can alleviate their feelings of self-alienation. So, conservatives, let us
After the Scottish Parliament accepted a new piece of legislation which simplifies the procedure of changing one’s legal gender, the transfer of trans prisoners (from male to female facilities) was
It is not only British Conservatives, but members of the liberal opposition, too, who are alarmed by the move. Even Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party came out
A recent Sunday Times article uncovered the dark underbelly of the transitional hormone industry and the unbelievable ease with which minors are buying under-the-counter pharmaceutical products online.