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Contrary to what one might expect, Ukrainian media outlets have not shown support for the recent provocative appointment of Marija Pauk as head of the II. Rákóczi Ferenc school
‘The Ukrainian Puzzle: Hungary’s Perspective on a Changing Neighbour’ is a book that intends to present the Hungarian perspective on Ukraine to the Ukrainian and international public, arguing that this
The Transcarpathian-Hungarian mathematician left the teacher’s pulpit behind to volunteer for the Ukrainian military.
The military journalist’s charity is sending strictly civilian aid, such batteries, drones, and food, to the 68th Transcarpathian Special Battalion which includes many ethnic Hungarian soldiers fighting on the front.
A lot remains unknown about the release by Russia of the Hungarian Ukrainian soldiers, including the role that Metropolitan Hilarion played or what the exact status of the freed
The Russian Orthodox Church announced that, at the request of Budapest, several Transcarpathian soldiers who were held as prisoners of war in Russia have been transported to Hungary.
The Hungarian foreign minister reminded that the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians have been systematically curtailed in Ukraine since 2015, and the most recent example of this is that minority schools
MFAT State Secretary Levente Magyar stated after inaugurating the Zahalca kindergarten near Kyiv that the new building ‘is a serious sign and indicator of how significantly Hungary is present in
‘Hungary’s political leadership is strong enough to keep our country out of the war. I say this in all humility, but also with confidence,’ the Prime Minister declared.
Despite the continual support and humanitarian aid provided by Hungary, serious anti-Hungarian voices and resentment of Hungary still appear in the Ukrainian media.