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Applications for the CSS programme are accepted on the Harvard Medical School website, requiring a professional CV, a cover letter, and a letter of recommendation. Early applications and submissions for
The MCC University Programme is unique in Europe, offering small-group, personalized training covering multiple disciplines, complementing traditional higher education in Hungary. Many young people participating in the programme enrol in
The Hungarian Olympic Committee hopes that through educators participating in the training, thousands of students will become familiar with Olympic values such as excellence, respect, and friendship, and eventually become
The Central Statistical Office released its data for the month of November 2023. The press release pointed out that the number of employed individuals reached 4,736,000 in Hungary.
The objective of the exercise is to test the military’s readiness for and response to an imagined situation threatening Hungary’s security. Another goal is to test the capabilities of the
According to State Secretary Bence Rétvári, this year, 18,845 people applied for teacher training, of which 10,514 were admitted, of whom 9,674 will study on a government scholarship. The number
The Hungarian Defence Forces demand unwavering loyalty, exemplary behaviour worthy of their vocation, courageous commitment, high readiness, and discipline from the soldiers who perform active service, a statement from the
The Hungarian employment rate of 74.6 per cent exceeds the EU average. In addition, Hungary also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU, 3.9 per cent, according
Deputy State Secretary Péter Szilágyi reminded that the government-sponsored Mentor Programme aiming to train and organise ethnic Hungarian entrepreneurs, has been implemented in the Carpathian Basin since 2019, with the
The ‘mental gym’ works just like a library. One can visit the room and lend a tech tool as they would a book. The high-tech arsenal of the ‘mental gym’