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Supposed historian Michael Beschloss called PM Viktor Orbán of Hungry a ‘brutal dictator’ in reference to his meeting with Former US President Donald Trump. Rod Dreher, the renowned American columnist
The columnist argues that, despite the best efforts of the liberal elite in the media to convince them otherwise, Americans widely disapprove of President Biden’s economic and immigration policies, which
The American Conservative contributor Catesby Leigh wrote a lengthy article in the major American paper The Wall Street Journal, praising the beauty and majesty of the word-famous House of Parliament
The Biden administration has shifted its strategy in Ukraine; a Ukrainian victory is no longer a priority, and instead, Kyiv will be brought to the negotiating table. If, two years
The overarching topic of the day was the changing media landscape in the digital age. However, speakers also tackled the issue of the left-wing bias in mainstream media today.