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The minister noted a ruling by Hungary’s Supreme Court, declaring that Budapest could not be even partially exempt from its obligation to pay its taxes. Varga said if the Budapest
Speaking at the National Tax Consultation event organized by the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), Finance Minister Mihály Varga stated that with the change in the tax authority’s mindset,
Last year, the US terminated the 1979 double taxation avoidance agreement with Hungary. According to Szijjártó, the USG took this step in response to the Hungarian government not giving its
A homogeneous tax would create a certain order in the taxation of multinational corporations, but for the Visegrád countries it could be a drag on economic development. If it is
It looks like the Biden government may end up not being able to push its anti-growth tax cartel idea through anyway, beside finding that it is very difficult to coerce
Diplomatic disputes over the OECD’s global minimum tax have flared up recently after Hungary vetoed its implementation at the EU level. To be clear, Hungary is also in favour of
Ryanair’s notoriously outspoken CEO has been hurling insults at top government officials over the excess profits tax, even though Budapest had every right (and reason) to introduce it.
The EU is not only acting to apply pressure in international taxation, but is also seeking legal harmonization among member states.