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‘It has long been argued that if a society accepts the proposition of gender identity, or transgender identities, as fully valid for individual identification purposes, then all problems will simply
Toxic masculinity is not the problem that’s plaguing the West—it is the lack of masculinity. Having recognised this crisis, a Hungarian movement is dedicated to restoring the dignity and purpose
A large Prague demonstration this past Saturday sent a clear message to policymakers that the Czech people are fed up with the mistaken Russian sanctions and their devastating impact on
As the current financial, energy and food crises are destabilizing governments around the Middle East, will terrorist organizations grow bolder and more ‘apocalyptic’ in their approach, posing new terror threats
As the UK’s largest gender clinic is being forced to shut down while it faces a giant class-action lawsuit on behalf of angry parents, the very future of medically assisted
The most recent OECD report paints a grim picture of the European economies’ imminent prospects, but thanks to the government’s strategic crisis management, Hungary is set to outperform all of
The EU Commission is considering sanctioning Turkey over its unwillingness to cut economic and political ties with Russia. But Ankara has one card up its sleeve that Brussels either forgets
Despite all the threats made by Beijing, Pelosi landed in Taipei unscathed. However, the fact that the Red Dragon has not struck (yet), does not mean it takes humiliation lightly.
We are facing ‘a decade of dangers, of uncertainty and wars’, said PM Viktor Orbán in his speech at Tusványos. A visionary program for 2022 and beyond.
The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture has recently travelled to Ukraine to help negotiate a solution for what is perhaps the greatest humanitarian crisis of our century.