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The politician thanked his predecessor, István Hollik, for his work. ‘We will fight with our heads held high and our backs straight, and thanks to the strength of our community,
US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman gave two recent interviews to the British press. He criticized Hungary’s foreign policy in both of them, claiming that it was based on ‘fantasy’—Hungarian
This year, Hungary is set to break both investment and export records, with incoming foreign direct investment doubling from the previous year to €13 billion and Hungarian exports increasing from
House Speaker László Kövér of Hungary has claimed that while the administration and President Novák support Sweden’s NATO bid, there is division between Fidesz MPs in parliament on the issue.
Lajos Ódor, who was appointed Prime Minister by the President of Slovakia in May in the midst of a political crisis, made some statements in a public discussion at a
The embassies of the United States, Germany, Slovakia, and 35 other nations have put out a joint statement ahead of the Budapest Pride March, condemning the Hungarian government for allegedly
Instead of systemic competition, the Hungarian government supports strategic cooperation with China, Minister of State for Bilateral Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Tamás Menczer emphasised during