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Albeit it is difficult to predict outcomes in advance, what seems very promising in terms of the Paris Olympics is that Kristóf Milák was faster than his chief international counterparts
The Hungarian athlete earned Hungary’s first gold in open water swimming at the Doha World Championships.
At the historic 1926 event, the Hungarian men’s water polo team got the gold by beating all other teams in the tournament, while swimmer István Bárány triumphed in the 100-metre
President Novák is known to be an avid outdoors person, who likes to hike, ride and run in her free time. Demonstrating a new talent, she was among the 9,500
In his remarks at the congress of the International Swimming Federation Péter Szijjártó highlighted that Hungary plays a significant role in the world of swimming, as one of the eight
‘It will certainly be a great recognition for Hungary if the global headquarters of FINA relocates to Budapest. The organisation’s leaders have the specific goal of ensuring that at least