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The Hungarian athlete earned Hungary’s first gold in open water swimming at the Doha World Championships.
Having previously secured victories against Montenegro with a score of 26–24 on Friday and Serbia with a score of 28–27 on Sunday, the 33–25 victory over Iceland on Tuesday marked
The winners of the 66th edition of the award show were announced live on air on M4 Sport, at the ceremonial Athletes of the Year Awards show at the Hungarian
Since the stadium is located within a rural community, the impact of its external facades may be limited. However, its internal architecture, expressed through elements such as soaring roof extensions
The Papp László Budapest Sports Arena will have a full house, with six tatamis set up. This time, 5,000 people will fit in the stands, and an additional 2,000 seats
István Abonyi, the decorated Hungarian chess player, laid the foundations for Hungary becoming one of the most successful chess nations in the world.
Around 125 billion HUF is estimated to have been invested in the five designated ‘spectator sports’ through the Hungarian government’s tax benefit programme in 2022.
Up to 40 countries could boycott the Paris Olympics unless Russian and Belarusian athletes are completely banned. The calls for a ban disregard the premise that no one should be
Issues concerning the phenomenon of transgender women competing against biological women in sports were discussed at this event.