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Albeit on Monday the public was informed that only Tibor Kapu and Gyula Cserényi have been selected as the astronauts for the programme, the other two candidates who had been
The first scientific results from the Euclid mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) have arrived, including five new images of the universe with unprecedented detail, which showcase the telescope’s
The HUNOR–Hungarian Astronaut Programme started its two-year training last March with a physician and three engineers in Hungary’s newly established professional astronaut corps. The goal of the HUNOR Hungarian Astronaut
This initiative aims to enhance the scientific utilization of data from planetary exploration spacecraft like JUICE. A comprehensive overview of the experiment was recently published in the prestigious Space Science
‘What is less known is that Tsiolkovsky essentially wrote his groundbreaking contributions to rocket theory as supplementary notes to his philosophy of space exploration, which was the primary focus of
The ambitious space expedition will involve a Hungarian astronaut as part of a four-member international team, representing a collaborative effort between Hungary and its international partners. As per the contract
Hungary is entering an age where the space economy holds significant importance. Thankfully, it is welcoming the new era with a solid and well-functioning foundation, consisting of numerous private companies
The swift growth of the space industry has already begun to impact smaller nations like Hungary, making it necessary for them to address the challenge effectively. In response to the
The goal of the HUNOR Hungarian Astronaut Program is to send a Hungarian research astronaut to the International Space Station, where they will be carrying out primarily Hungarian-developed scientific experiments
53 years after the Moon landing many still question the necessity of space exploration, but it is unquestionable that the desire to expand the boundaries of what we know has