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To fully grasp the situation of Russian Christianity, it is necessary to have an understanding of the historical vicissitudes of the Church.
The two political experts’ book on the violence of the political left – “Der Kampf ist nicht zu Ende” – is a real curiosity on the book market. The authors provide concise
The city council leadership decided to simultaneously allow the wearing of the burkini and not to ban ‘the naked female upper body’ in swimming pools. A few days later, the local
While the parties are making contradictory statements about a possible nuclear emergency, expert analyses suggest that the risks posed by nuclear weapons in the context of the Russian offensive should
Of course, violations of the rule of law must not lead to corruption or abuse of power in the member states. However, a schematic “transfer” of the institutions that serve
The rule of law debates could have a drastic effect on the future of the European Union. The systematic transfer of institutions serving justice and enforcing the rule of law
Some experts warned European countries more than a decade ago that their energy supply was based on ‘thin ice’ which could make the European Union vulnerable in a situation of
Kruger deems that conservative governments cannot ignore active support for the traditional family model, and young conservatives need to gain experience in areas other than politics.
The reign of terror of ‘the fanatic of an ideal’ led to a bloodbath instead of the realisation of ideas.
According to Tarasevich and other experts, the dramatic experience of starvation in Russia had been part and parcel of Russian existence for centuries.