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The government’s primary focus for the current year is the restoration of economic growth while continuing to reduce the budget deficit and national debt.
The Prime Minister stated that both the European and Hungarian economies are influenced by the Russo-Ukrainian war. If the war were to end, both economies could show their ‘better side.’
Mihály Varga recalled that during the pandemic, it became evident that Hungary needed to increase its self-sufficiency in the health industry. Therefore, in 2020, the government launched the Healthcare Industry
The 2024 budget is a defence budget because during times of war, Hungary needs a budget that guarantees its security, protects families, pensions, jobs, and reduces utility costs, the Hungarian
Viktor Orbán explained why his politics will eventually be proven right: ‘We were the only ones who said that borders must be protected during the migration crisis. Later, more and
The Hungarian government has implemented measures to protect Hungarian families and businesses against high inflation. As a result, the inflation data in recent months indicate a systematic, continuous, and visible
The minister announced that the government has imposed a ban on 25 agricultural products from Ukraine, including grain, sunflower seeds, cooking oil, and specific meat products until 30 June. He
According to the National Bank’s forecast, slow disinflation is expected in March, followed by a strong disinflationary trend, with a good chance of reaching single-digit inflation by the end of
In his regular Friday morning interview on public radio, the Prime Minister said that he believes this is the closest the world has ever been ‘to a localised war turning