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On the left side of today’s Rákóczi Road, on the way to Astoria, stood the Úttörő és Ifjúsági (Pioneer and Youth) State Store, which opened in the autumn of 1950
In 2022, the long upward trend in online shopping came to a halt, and it further deteriorated last year. The number of buyers decreased the most markedly in the 16–35 age group.
According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó highlighted during the inauguration of the new office of Aldi International IT Services that the establishment
Experts once again examined the country’s 174 districts and Budapest, to to assess their liveability based on factors like education, healthcare, culture, crime, the job market, shopping opportunities, and housing
From 1 January, a new beverage packaging return system will be introduced in Hungary, where all beverage packaging labelled for return, including single-use glass, metal, and plastic bottles, will be
The restoration of the iconic Corvin Department Store, the first to be equipped with an escalator in Hungary in 1931, is about to be completed, and the iconic building will