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‘“There is not enough money in the world for us to put our children and grandchildren into the hands of LGBT activists,” said Orbán earlier this month. We are all
‘Clearly, music in itself wasn’t “diverse” enough. The music, songs and dances of nearly fifty countries and even more ethnic groups, languages and cultures were not sufficiently diverse. No! Give
‘This scandal is a self-inflicted catastrophe for Fidesz. The prime minister plainly understands this, and is taking concrete steps to reform. Yet the idea that the political and cultural Left
Both statesmen won their respective elections by around 19 percentage points last year, but the similarities do not end there. Their stances on immigration, the Ukraine war, and, most notably,
In other words, this book is an indoctrination of the LGTBQ+ lifestyle aimed at children with the intention to destroy their childhood in the most deceitful and perverse manner.
According to an article published by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association in 2012, ‘the Internet, cellphones, social media, clothing style shifts, music videos and tween/teen movies have impacted the