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According to the statement by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, prompted by a citizen’s report, the Media Council examined the second episode of the first season of the series
The production supported by the National Film Institute also include a series titled The Nation’s Golden Boys is in the making, focusing on the Hungarian men’s water polo team that
The NFI’s decision-making committee voted to support the production of six different television works.
With the Advent period nearing, the traditional series of programmes at the Várkert Bazaar will make sure that visitors, adults and children alike, get into the Christmas spirit while also
The Hungarian Science Festival has been organized since 2003, commemorating the fact that on 3 November 1825, István Széchenyi offered one year’s income from his estates to establish the Society
Fauda is a brave series as it dares to portray both Jewish and Palestinian characters as human beings. Israeli military personnel and Arab terrorists, often dehumanised through the headlines of