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To further intensify price competition, the government decided to raise the level of mandatory discounts from ten per cent to at least 15 per cent starting today.
Starting from today, the mandatory discount programme has been launched in grocery stores all over the country to make sure Hungarian families have access to basic foodstuffs at affordable prices.
The Hungarian government has implemented measures to protect Hungarian families and businesses against high inflation. As a result, the inflation data in recent months indicate a systematic, continuous, and visible
Two Russian ministries proposed that the Russian President issue a decree suspending agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with all countries that introduced unilateral economic sanctions against Russia during
Last week’s invitation of the French President shows that despite Hungary having disputes with the European Union and the EU funds due to our country are being withheld, the Hungarian
The Hungarian Prime Minister delivered his state of the nation speech on Saturday. His topics included the war, the future of the country, domestic and geopolitics and his commitment to