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The bill will now go to the Democratic-majority Senate, where it is not expected to face any obstacles and could be signed by President Joe Biden within a week. Hard-line
Naftali Bennett made shocking claims about his derailed mediation efforts in the Ukraine conflict in a five-hour interview, uploaded to his own YouTube channel.
Back in 2014, Merkel made it clear that while Europe should pursue a tough policy on Russia, it should also work on a diplomatic solution to end the hostilities. That
Russia has introduced new compulsory ’patriotic rituals’ that all school children are required to perform in schools. The new patriotic lessons include discussions of the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine
As the current financial, energy and food crises are destabilizing governments around the Middle East, will terrorist organizations grow bolder and more ‘apocalyptic’ in their approach, posing new terror threats
The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced most NATO members to reckon with the poor shape of their military and left them searching for quick fixes. Countless procurement programmes have been
Budapest’s mayor unknowingly participated in a conversation with two Russian comedians, who were pretending to be the mayor of Kyiv. The incident raises some worrying concerns about how much we
Since the beginning of the tragic war in Ukraine, many have embraced the idea that Russians have collective responsibility for the current events. However, it is crucial to recognise that
A recent poll published by Nézőpont Institute revealed glaring differences between Central Europeans’ satisfaction with their governments. Disproving overwhelmingly negative Western press reports, Hungarians are the happiest with their government