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Hungary has over 2 million TikTok users. Many Roma creators have popular accounts on the platform. This piece argues that the new social media site should be utilized by the
It would be crucial to allocate the necessary resources to promoting educational and informative content on TikTok that targets the Roma youth, as part of the broader government-funded inclusion programmes.
The Roma were the real losers of the fall of communism. With the regime change, most Hungarian Roma, and in fact, many non-Roma Hungarians, lost their livelihoods, as the unskilled
The galleries exhibiting at the largest stands include Hungary’s acb and Erdész Gallery, Germany’s M Beck and Art Affair, Columbia’s Adrian Ibanez and Romania’s Jecza. Hungary will be represented by
2RK, the newly established centrist political party, is headed by the former president of the once radical right-wing Jobbik, Gábor Vona.
István Forgács argues that it is through education and work that the situation of the Hungarian Roma population can be improved.
Today, on 2 August we remember the victims of the Romani Genocide, the Porajmos.
Given their considerable numbers, Roma could be a decisive force in Hungarian politics, however, due to the fragmentation of their political leadership, in the last thirty years Roma representation has
The social dynamics set into  motion under state socialism continues to have a lingering negative impact even today. Around 55 per cent of the Hungarian Roma live in villages or towns