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Even liberals did not take kindly to the decision by Brussels district mayor Emir Kir to use police force to try and shut down a right-wing conference featuring Viktor Orbán
The purple-pink version of the Cross of St George has elicited disapproval and outrage in many people in the United Kingdom, including former English National Team players and coaches, and
The fate of the motion was uncertain right up until the votes in the House were tallied, as many members of the governing Conservative Party faction indicated their inability to
The mechanism of the Northern Ireland Protocol made the everyday lives of citizens and businesses in Northern Ireland significantly more difficult. Food supply, for example, proved to be particularly problematic,
The Windsor Framework provides much-needed clarity and stability for businesses and communities in Northern Ireland, and it demonstrates that the UK and the EU are continuing to work together to
Evidence indicates that the UK has become more polarised when it comes to people’s positions on salient issues. Great Britain is also witnessing a fragmentation of political support and ‘affective
While seven weeks ago few would have predicted it, Tuesday saw the triumphant installation of the man who had finished a distant second in the Tory leadership race this summer.