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The goal of digital public administration is to transition citizens to online management of public affairs, promising speed, ease of use, and data security. A prerequisite for this is the
A recently released Russian history textbook defaming the Hungarian 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight has caused serious public uproar in Hungary, with many on the right and the left denouncing
Today Hungary remembers the heroes of the Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956. The events of the revolution are a testimony to Hungary’s thirst for freedom and self-governance, but
The collective Hungarian memory remembers him as a modern day martyr who fought for and believed in the freedom of Hungary until his premature death. 
The two political experts’ book on the violence of the political left – “Der Kampf ist nicht zu Ende” – is a real curiosity on the book market. The authors provide concise
The reign of terror of ‘the fanatic of an ideal’ led to a bloodbath instead of the realisation of ideas.