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One of the recurring topics of Agustine of Hippo’s City of God, a foundational work of Western philosophy, is his critique of Roman religion as having no moral teachings to
Hungary is not just a great country to live in, but also a nation with rich history that sparked the attention of many excellent historians from all around the world.
Tom Holland, the British author argues in his book, Dominion, that even the most fervent Western secular humanists are deeply influenced by Christian values, perhaps more so than they might
‘Transhumanism—at least in the form in which it is represented and explained by Harari—stands, above all, on the ground of anti-religion. The mechanical man, who becomes immortal, as the meaning
God’s miracles occupy an important place in the Holy Scripture, demonstrating the omnipotent might of divine intervention that rules over the laws of nature. In his book titled Miracles, author
‘Nachtmann argues that due to the important role the state had in Hegel’s thinking, it can be described as having both right-wing and left-wing components. It, however, stands in stark
Edward Nicolae Luttwak is an American strategist of Transylvanian extraction whose works give a valuable insight into the logic of confrontation between adversaries. His framework is useful for understanding the
Hungary is entering an age where the space economy holds significant importance. Thankfully, it is welcoming the new era with a solid and well-functioning foundation, consisting of numerous private companies
The recent article by Máté Sibrányi and Gábor Virágos in the Kommentár magazine outlines the importance of preserving our architectural heritage, and charting more of our church ruins. According to
‘If a society is exhausted in immanence, if people are not aware of the finitude of their own life, knowledge, and power, and if every goal of the person, the