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As of the end of 2023, Hungary’s national debt stood at 55.134 trillion HUF, 73.5 per cent of its GDP. Its debt-to-GDP ratio is considerably lower than that of the
The report quotes NMHH President András Koltay, who highlighted that transparent regulatory operations, market and societal relationships, and fact-based assessments are essential to prepare and respond most effectively to the
Population loss slowed this September compared to the same month last year, the Central Statistical Office revealed. However, the number of new marriages has also shown a declining trend.
The 22.4 percentage point reduction in child poverty between 2014 and 2021 in Hungary, which is also an EU record, is clearly due to employment growth, and primarily to the
The event shed light on the how propaganda messages are being disguised as public opinion by European mainstream elites, and the intricate relationship between fear and politics in Europe.
According to Professor Bill Durodié, the report’s author, many questions in the Eurobarometer surveys primarily revolve around respondents’ perceptions of the European Union, its institutions, policies, and direction, and the
This report is a piece of war blackmail, and the reason is that time is running out for the EU. Next year, there will be European parliamentary elections, a new
The controversial document highlights the ongoing concerns of the EU Commission regarding the rule of law in Hungary. While the country has introduced legislative reforms and anti-corruption measures, there are
The authority was established to protect the money of European Union taxpayers, making sure that it is spent appropriately and in a targeted fashion. However, their goal is more ambitious,
The Institute for Economics and Peace, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, released its latest Global Peace Index report, in which Hungary is ranked the 13th most peaceful out of 163 nations.