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The adopted amendments to the Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency, designed to respond to the energy crisis, cover new trading practices such as algorithmic trading and strengthen
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, speaking in Granada at a meeting of European Union member state leaders, asserted that there is no hope for an agreement among the heads of
According to Professor Durodié, the EU is a fundamentally anti-democratic set of institutions that excludes the voice of the people. It is a project that lost its sense of history
According to Slovakian Hungarian-language website Új Szó’s information, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová officially announced on Sunday afternoon that she would entrust the management of the country to a technocratic government
The President said there is a need for teachers who focus on the students, placing them at the centre of their work and keeping their long-term interests in mind.
The European Parliament has approved new legislation that sets the path towards zero CO2 emissions for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by 2035.