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‘We believe that the Hungarian model is the right one, whereby asylum applications must be made outside the EU and refugees are only allowed to come after proper checks have
The Hungarian NGO Menedék is behind the project to give reliable and up-to-date information for foreign workers and refugees currently located in Hungary. According to the website, there are 70,000
After Hamas brutally attacked Israel on 7 October, the refugee camp on the shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary was converted into a safe haven for Israeli Jews who wanted
This Saturday marks the 34th anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic, when East German refugees, attempting to defect to West Germany, were allowed to enter Austria by the Hungarian authorities. The
The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Hungary has been conducting regular surveys to gain valuable insights into the evolving needs of Ukrainian refugees returning to their homeland. The organisation’s quarterly
Her first trip to Texas was motivated by the desire to ‘strengthen cooperation among conservatives across continents,’ the justice minister said, stressing that ‘We need to make friendships, get to
‘The real crisis is neither at the US-Mexican nor at the European borders. Instead, it stems from Central America. Crime, violence, corruption, and economic devastation in the region have propelled
Pope Francis thanked the Catholic church in Hungary for its charitable work. ‘You have built up a network that links pastoral workers, volunteers, parish and diocesan Caritas organizations, while also
Pope Francis is visiting the Hungarian community for the third time in just four years, but his first official trip specifically to Hungary will only take place this weekend.
The number of successfully or unsuccessfully attempted illegal crossings at EU borders reached 330,000 in 2022, the highest number since 2015. Meanwhile, Denmark and the United Kingdom are pursuing plans