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Hungarian pharmaceutical corporation Richter Gedeon Nyrt is strengthening its scientific foundation to achieve further international success in its most profitable and fastest-growing focus area, neuropsychiatry.
Head of Rheinmetall Power Systems division Christoph Müller noted at the ceremony that Szeged will be the group’s first hybrid site, where the civil business and defence technology activities will
The ambitious space expedition will involve a Hungarian astronaut as part of a four-member international team, representing a collaborative effort between Hungary and its international partners. As per the contract
The swift growth of the space industry has already begun to impact smaller nations like Hungary, making it necessary for them to address the challenge effectively. In response to the
‘Big companies are coming to Hungary with R&D budgets that are significant in themselves. Rheinmetall, for one, is the twenty-fourth largest company in the world’, Hungarian Ministerial Commissioner Imre Porkoláb
Given the country profile of Hungary, it is a refreshing achievement that it has moved up a league to Moderate Innovators, even though its performance is 70.4 per cent of
During the announcement of Rolls-Royce’s new research and development investment, the minister highlighted that the company will design the tools necessary for the transportation of the future in its Budapest
Rheinmetall is one of the few companies of its type with a proven track record of successful localisation projects. But that is only part of the story. Equally important was
Péter Szijjártó welcomed Novartis’ announcement that the Swiss pharmaceutical company is establishing a new regional research and development centre in Budapest, from where it will coordinate its research projects in