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The financial software developer Taxually, the manufacturing company Continest, and the logistics and transportation company United Shipping Hungaria have even made the top 100 on the Financial Times’ list. Minister
Members of the American Political Science Association came up with a peculiar ranking, trivializing catastrophic events in American history that led to the suffering of many in the process, such
Experts once again examined the country’s 174 districts and Budapest, to to assess their liveability based on factors like education, healthcare, culture, crime, the job market, shopping opportunities, and housing
Sanan Sjugirov, a distinguished Russian chess grandmaster, ranked 31st in the world with an Elo rating of 2705, is changing his sport nationality to Hungarian to be able to compete
Budapest’s inclusion in the list of top student cities is the result of its exceptional educational institutions, rich cultural heritage, affordable living costs, student-friendly environment, and excellent transportation infrastructure.
The Institute for Economics and Peace, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, released its latest Global Peace Index report, in which Hungary is ranked the 13th most peaceful out of 163 nations.
Baltazár Boutique Hotel operates in a peaceful area surrounded by historic buildings and museums. Located in Budapest’s Castle district, it has now been listed among Europe’s top 50 hotels by