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After nearly twenty years, Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is back in the ownership of the Hungarian state. The announcement was made by Minister of National Economy Márton Nagy, who
A Ministry of National Economy statement released on Wednesday confirmed that the repurchase of the Ferenc Liszt International Airport continues to progress as scheduled, as opposed to press rumours.
In 2022, the long upward trend in online shopping came to a halt, and it further deteriorated last year. The number of buyers decreased the most markedly in the 16–35 age group.
Back in May, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán mentioned at the Qatari Economic Forum that there is interest from Qatar towards Budapest Airport, and ‘we would welcome them.’ Now, it appears
Previously, there were discussions of buying out the airport with the participation of Hungarian private investors and major corporations, but despite reportedly advanced negotiations, the transaction was postponed in 2021