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As tensions continue to grow in the wake of farmer demonstrations, agriculture is set to become a major issue across the EU ahead of the European Parliament elections in June,
‘The indiscriminate attack on 7 October that killed approximately twelve-hundred innocent Israeli citizens cannot go unpunished. Yet there are rules of war that need to be respected.’
According to György Bakondi, the new wave of terrorist acts shows that the warnings of the serious domestic security effects of illegal migration were very realistic: it is an objective
In his regular Friday morning interview, Orbán said the situation in Israel was a stark reminder of the value of peace and stability, and that elected leaders had a duty
In his regular Friday morning radio interview, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán noted that sympathy protests for terrorists are taking place throughout Europe. By contrast, he declared, Hungary will not allow
Since its inception, the left has seen the school as an important means of ‘enlightening’ people and creating a new world. The anti-school, anti-knowledge, and anti-teacher sentiments of former Chairman
The clashes began on Friday and continued on Monday morning as a result of ongoing unrest following the recent elections, where ethnic Albanian politicians won mayorships. Confrontations broke out between
Protestors from the radical environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion interrupted two speeches at the National Conservatism Conference currently ongoing in London. A similar grandiose event, CPAC Hungary, recently wrapped up in
Retrospectively, one can say the coup had been in the making. But how unexpected it was is plainly demonstrated by an epic video on YouTube, in which a fitness trainer
The designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organisation would be a serious step by the EU since only Bahrein, Saud Arabia and the United States did so.