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The Budapest pass will remain valid throughout the entire capital, and starting from 1 March BKK will accept monthly passes for Pest County and national passes on its routes.
The Transport Minister proposed an increase of all salaries by at least a quarter of the present ones over the course of three years, and additionally, all MÁV and Volán
The Mayor deemed the Transport Minister’s fare community proposal, the acceptance of county and country passes in the capital, and the preservation of the Budapest pass as steps in a
Hungary has over 2 million TikTok users. Many Roma creators have popular accounts on the platform. This piece argues that the new social media site should be utilized by the
If the draft law is adopted, guest workers in Hungary will be employable only under the strictest rules, and foreigners will be allowed to work in Hungary only if no
According to the Ministry’s statement, Minister Szijjártó spoke up during a meeting following the EU Foreign Affairs Council on the proposals regarding security guarantees for Ukraine. These proposals could provide
President of the Hungarian Taxi Association Zoltán Metál has requested the municipality to annul the personal taxi service permits granted in 2021 to Bolt HTX Kft. and the associated businesses
The Hungarian parliament will be in sessions for two weeks as of today. Important legislation will be discussed and debated, including regulations related to the asset declaration of politicians, to
The new law just passed by the National Assembly provides additional protections to whistleblowers; as well as ascribes duties to create confidential abuse report systems to private companies of
The EU is seemingly ill-equipped to deal with the potential crises, so in order to protect the citizens of Hungary and other member states, fundamental changes are necessary. But what