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In the first 24 hours after the historic guilty verdict, President Trump’s campaign raised a whopping $52.8 million, according to the announcement of the campaign itself. If this is true,
Famous American political pundit Tucker Carlson interviewed the father of Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American political commentator imprisoned in Ukraine for his opinion. The father told Carlson he believes the US
‘All major US media outlets keeping quiet about the imprisonment of an American citizen for a political opinion—he was never even accused, let alone proven to be coordinating with the
In response to a query by Breitbart, the US State Department has confirmed that Gonzalo Lira is still detained in a Ukrainian prison. Lira is a Chilean–American citizen journalist who
Lira was arrested and detained by Ukrainian authorities for allegedly producing Russian propaganda in late April. According to his claims, he was tortured in prison and was denied legal counsel.
The Hungarian government blocking the latest round of sanctions comes only days after the Orbán administration vetoed the release of €500 million of military aid to Ukraine. The blacklisting of