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Hungarian pharmaceutical corporation Richter Gedeon Nyrt is strengthening its scientific foundation to achieve further international success in its most profitable and fastest-growing focus area, neuropsychiatry.
The collaboration between the Hungarian University and JASCO, focusing on pharmaceutical development, is in a promising area. The goal is for Hungary to become one of Europe’s top ten and
Dodik expressed gratitude for the budgetary support provided by the Hungarian government earlier this year to the Bosnian Serbs, which enabled the institutions to function smoothly. According to the plans,
He also stated that next year the country will have sufficient resources, for the first time since the regime change, to meet the NATO obligation of allocating 2 per cent
Péter Szijjártó welcomed Novartis’ announcement that the Swiss pharmaceutical company is establishing a new regional research and development centre in Budapest, from where it will coordinate its research projects in
The German pharmaceutical industry has reported energy shortages threatening the stability of production.
Roche to create 250 new jobs in Budapest.