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Until now, Hungarian international investments were present most spectacularly in the banking and oil industries, but the phenomenon has also been spreading to a much lesser extent in the cultural
The opposition is growing at the political level and demanding early elections. According to Matovič, the coalition may fall in the Autumn. Sulík considers this differently: there is no reason for
In the last decade, both Poland and Hungary have been actively formulating European policy; however, this duo is not strong enough without the active support of the Czech Republic and
What is certain is that there is no shortage of creative ideas on how to support Ukraine. What is surprising, however, is how forcibly and spectacularly the Slovak Republic, which
The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán also condemned the Russian move and at the same time made it clear that deploying Hungarian soldiers or military equipment to Ukraine was out
According to the latest data, on Monday, 29 November 2021, 22,057 PCR tests revealed 7,069 infected people in Slovakia, of whom almost 64 per cent were not vaccinated.