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A Woke Europe presents two existential threats to its foundational values and to the sustainability of all that it has contributed to civilization. These two threats are, firstly, ideological and,
‘The Maidan—‘the square’ as people refer to it—became a plaza of fallen heroes in 2014: pictures commemorating the 108 protestors killed by law enforcement during the Revolution of Dignity remind
Else then a faithful Catholic and an exceptional scientist, Jedlik was also an ardent patriot. Even prior to the enactment of the law that established the Hungarian language as the
The Hungarian justice minister stated that the cost of environmental protection should not be imposed on the poorest countries or the most vulnerable members of societies, but primarily borne by
The concept of the ‘Bulwark of Christendom’ appeared in all border areas where two civilisations and religions came into contact. However, the conscious and regular use of the term is
‘Conservatives and conservatism have featured in American political life from the beginning. The problem is that the history of American conservatism does not map onto contemporary ideological templates.’
She came from the small Slovakian town of Somorja, then the ‘splendid statelessness’ took her far away. With her dreamfolk-style songs about the stories of our ancestors, Upper Hungarian singer