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‘The clashes are ongoing, there is no harmony, they were sent here to carry out the school’s death sentence’, Pál Popovics, an informatics teacher at the school said.
Barna Pál Zsigmond emphasized during his press conference in Kossuth Square held on the occasion of European Languages Day that more than 700 million European citizens in forty-six countries mark
‘During his presentation at the media authority’s conference on the regulatory challenges of child protection, Levente Nyakas highlighted the importance of shared interpretations of media content and the world in
The Hungarian community in Mukachevo has been harassed in a number of ways by the Ukrainian local authorities over the past year. Beside the attacks on the Hungarian secondary school,
Earlier this year, referring to a fresh decree, the Ukrainian police removed Hungarian flags from several public institutions in the town, including the Hungarian-language secondary school. Furthermore, without any justification,
The Hungarian National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) has produced a publication titled Are our children good when they play? — A Knowledge Base on Video Games for Parents and
The suit is challenging the policy of the school district instructing teachers not to tell parents if their child is assuming another gender identity in school. Hungary’s Child Protection Act
The foreign minister called the preservation of communities that stayed together in ‘every storm‘ extremely important at the opening of the renovated Old School in Western Hungarian Hegykő. The project
The President said there is a need for teachers who focus on the students, placing them at the centre of their work and keeping their long-term interests in mind.
‘Today I filed a counterclaim to the Court of Justice of the European Union over the infringement procedure on Hungary’s Child Protection Act. We continue to stand by our conviction