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According to Dr Samuel Noble, countries with a predominantly Orthodox Christian population have been able and willing to preserve their traditions. Contrary to the proposition put forth by Samuel Huntington,
Notwithstanding his many political failures, such as the Crusade to Nicopolis in 1396, the involvement of Sigismund of Luxembourg in the short-lived, but nevertheless historical reunification of the Christian Churches
Dr Brittany Pheiffer Noble recently gave a lecture titled ´From Counterculture to Establishment Subculture: Orthodoxy in 21st century Russia´ at the Danube Institute.
Russia’s infamous Wagner Group is looking for mercenaries in Serbia, Hungary’s southern neighbour.
Ukraine used to celebrate Orthodox Christmas Day on 7 January, but as a cultural shift away from Russia, Ukrainians are increasingly keen on celebrating Christmas in December.
Ukraine’s security service (SBU) raided the 1000-year-old Pechersk Lavra monastery in Kyiv on the suspicion that it covertly supports Moscow and spreads pro-Russian messages among its believers.
To fully grasp the situation of Russian Christianity, it is necessary to have an understanding of the historical vicissitudes of the Church.