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The analysis highlights that the national consultation once again proved that Brussels, along with the continental and domestic liberal-left, is not in conflict with the Hungarian government but rather with
When arguing against stricter immigration laws, some on the left like to appeal to the significance of migration in American history. However, the truth is that there has never been
‘Given these numerous negative trends, it is clear that 2024 stands as a do-or-die moment for European leaders and policymakers to save and turn around the European Union. Achieving such
‘There should be no compromise against Hungarian conservative values, no infighting, no seeking of extraneous wealth. Christianity must be first, and only real Christians (be they Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox)
Meloni emphasized her familiarity with the views of the Hungarian Prime Minister, which diverge from those she holds concerning Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. However, she noted that, in
Hungary has over 2 million TikTok users. Many Roma creators have popular accounts on the platform. This piece argues that the new social media site should be utilized by the
‘Before a military operation is even conceivable, Washington and the EU Member States must abandon the so-called “good relations” with Iran. There is nothing good in a “relation” where the
Renowned Hungarian political analysts concurred on a recent talk show that US Ambassador David Pressman is a political activist rather than a diplomat.
Mainstream media outlets in the US are now treating the content on Hunter Biden’s laptop, found abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, as authenticated and factual. However, they did
Pelosi recently gave an interview to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. When asked about Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, she replied that ‘she is doing ok,’ but then contrasted