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CEO of MTVA Dániel Papp expressed that during the most challenging times, it was sport that Hungarian society could cling to, as it provided a sense of freedom.
It was already known that the Hungarian duo was in a qualifying position, but the right to compete became official on Tuesday, when the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) published
Albeit it is difficult to predict outcomes in advance, what seems very promising in terms of the Paris Olympics is that Kristóf Milák was faster than his chief international counterparts
Although the legendary Hungarian footballer was born on 1 April 1927, he always celebrated his birthday on 2 April, as he did not like the fact that it happened to
Hungary beat Portugal 30–27, turning the scoreline around in the last minutes in a heroic fashion, thus making it among the 12 teams qualified for the summer games in Paris, France.
The Hungarian athlete earned Hungary’s first gold in open water swimming at the Doha World Championships.
In his year-in-review interview with the Hungarian sports daily Nemzeti Sport, the Prime Minister has also made the claim that ‘the time has come when Budapest cannot further develop to
Meanwhile, the Hungarian women’s sabre team also won a gold medal of their own at the FIE Fencing World Championships. Hungary tends to overperform in sports compared to its population
According to the Hungarian foreign minister, a fully participated Olympics could be of great assistance in peacefully resolving armed conflicts, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, not to mention that
President Katalin Novák met with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach at the IOC’s Lausanne headquarters last week. The German Olympic gold medallist fencer spoke with members of the Hungarian