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The scandal surrounding the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is intensifying, with growing calls to ban the right-wing party. The left-wing media’s demonizing smear campaign has played a significant role in
Europe’s left-wing-led countries are being plunged into chaos due to irresponsible political decisions. A situation is beginning to unfold in the West that would be unimaginable in Hungary.
The German constitutional court has recently declared it unconstitutional that the Berlin government had re-channelled some 60 billion euros of the fund created to tackle the coronavirus crisis into the
Previously, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary voiced his support for the presumptive Republican challenger, Former President Donald Trump. Both statesmen are making the case that their preferred US Presidential
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasised that Budapest and Warsaw will join forces to protect the agricultural workers of Central Europe from the negative effects of ‘grain dumps’ coming from Ukraine.
An Israeli expert, who requested anonymity, told Hungarian Conservative that there is no doubt foreign NGOs involved in the protests are funded not only by private individuals but by European
There should be no doubt: images of German tanks making their way across Ukrainian mud to kill Russians would increase the popularity and legitimacy of President Putin’s war.
The massive strikes on the Ukrainian capital have overshadowed the Berlin meetings, while at the same time highlighted the importance of Central European EU members working closely together to provide