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The new oil deposit has been found by MOL in collaboration with another Hungarian company, O&GD Central Ltd. The new site is currently producing around 1,000 barrels of crude oil
Viktor Orbán declared that Hungary’s energy supply is a key issue and noted that it is important for Hungary to be able to receive oil not only from Russia but
At a joint press conference held with his Slovak counterpart in Budapest, Minister Szijjártó said both Slovakia and Hungary insist that the composition of the energy mix of member states
The foreign minister emphasised right after winter, ‘in Europe, it is fashionable to strut about with great bravado these days,’ but the International Energy Agency recently issued an ‘ominous’ report
Eurostat data contradicts a French media outlet’s claim that Hungary is becoming more dependent on Russian energy.
Europe is scrambling to replace Russian oil and gas, which has renewed interest in massive African oil and gas investments.
The energy-intensive sections of France’s industry are converting their boilers from gas to oil-based ones, in order to prevent any outages due to gas-shortages.