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Under the new scheme, the state will cover 50 per cent of the employee’s salary for four or six months. If the workplace is more than 60 kilometres away from
The average twenty per cent salary increase applies to approximately 84,000 healthcare specialists working in outpatient clinics and hospitals, as well as around ten thousand professionals working in primary healthcare,
‘Slovakia has turned thirty years old. Whether the past three decades can be considered a success story remains an open question. The Slovak nation achieved the independence it had always
Retirement generates an income loss in all countries. However, Hungarian employees suffer the smallest decline in living standards after retirement in the whole of Europe.
The most recent OECD report paints a grim picture of the European economies’ imminent prospects, but thanks to the government’s strategic crisis management, Hungary is set to outperform all of
The EU is not only acting to apply pressure in international taxation, but is also seeking legal harmonization among member states.